Mister & Miss BeNeLux Adventure

The intention of the ‘Mister BeNeLux Adventure’ election is not to come out in line as yet another election, but to choose three strong winners  who have a combination:

  • an attractive appearance
  • a strong personality
  • an adventurous attitude
  • the necessary portion of courage and ambition to make it in their sphere of interest

The show will consist of 2 parts. It becomes a combination of:
* défilés and nice surprises!

All candidates – candidates are judged by a professional jury and a jury of Misses & Misters, but have already collected points by SMS voting and points from the organization. The sum of all these points will determine who will be the winner.

For our competition we prefer the following titles:

  • Mister BeNeLux Adventure
  • First Runner Up
  • Second Runner Up
  • Mister Photogenic – smsvoting – sympathy

The committee consists of:

Guy Coppens – CEO

Stef Guidee – Model

Stelvio Cannaert – Choreographer

Arnold Engelhart – Model

Kevin Wuyts – Fotograaf
Mohamed Mahouk – Mister & Model
We have chosen a location that already has several elections to her name:
Salons Mantovani
Doorn 1, 9700 Oudenaarde (België)
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 starting at 8 p.m.
The cards are divided into 3 categories:
GOLD Price: € 79,00
SILVER Price: € 29,00
BRONZE Price: € 19,00
More information about these categories will follow later.


How did ‘MISTER BENELUX ADVENTURE’ come about?

September 2016. Reason enough to come to an initiative, to put hands and heads together and to get a new election out of the ground. Dust enough to make a dream come true.

One February 2017 is the time, a new mister-election will be held above the font under the name:


After a successful first edition, we would like to introduce the new name:


Because no Mister election is elected in Belgium, we felt compelled to renew our election and for our gentlemen from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
With us you do not have to be a language knobby, perfect your own language and English is more than sufficient.

With us it becomes a Mister election with a level where personality and personality are central alongside appearance and appearance.

It certainly promises to be a unique election show.



smsvoting : 20% of the points

Per finalist unlimited voting can take place. 1 vote per SMS.
These votes are reduced to 20% points of SMS voting.

Points organization : 20% of the points

200 points can be earned per existing activity.
50 points can be earned per repetition session = 10 rehearsals: 500 points.
200 points can be earned for betting and promotion.
A total of 800 points can be earned. These points are reduced to 20% points of organization.

Points election evening:
50% professional jury – 10% jury Misses & Misters

The points for the election evening are divided into 3 parts.
10% conversation with the jury in the 2 national languages (your own language & English).
20% show general, 20% parade, a total of 50%.
The jury of the Missen & Misters have 10% input on the final evening.

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